Vietnam jackfruit is a large, spiky fruit with sweet and fragrant yellow pulps inside. There are different types of jackfruits in Vietnam, but the most common one is crispy and dry, not sticky and wet. The flavor is like a combination of apple and pineapple, with a hint of vanilla.

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Get your knowledge ready for import jackfruit.  

A/ Quality of Jackfruit Vietnam

A1 9kg with more yellow flesh

A 9 kg

B 7-9 kg

C 5-7 kg

A1 9kg with more yellow flesh

A with normal flesh

B/ Packaging and store process for exporting jackfruit

After packing

After harvesting, jackfruit needs to be stored in a dry, cool place, not placed directly on the ground but with a tarp/paper underneath.

Jackfruit can be stored for up to 6 weeks at a temperature of 11-13°C. For storage warehouses, the following conditions are required:

Dry, clean, cool No strange smell No toxic chemicals Do not store with goods that have different flavors.

Each jack fruit have to be cut to check quality before packaging.

Jack fruit after cut and put on quicklime.

C/ Export of jackfruit

In case the transport distance to the consumption place is too far, exported jackfruit needs to be preserved in cold storage, with artificial cooling. The sooner it is put into cold storage (in terms of time after harvesting), the better.

To export jackfruit, it must be packed in a refrigerated container at a temperature of +5 to +10°C, humidity 50-60%, ventilation 25 to ensure freshness when reaching the recipient.

When choosing a container to pack goods, you need to choose a good, sealed container and check the operation of the refrigerator. Pay attention to the guidelines in the container to ensure that jackfruit is preserved in the best temperature and conditions.

D/ The necessary documents for jackfruit export procedures

Foreign trade contract (Sales Contract), Commercial invoice (Commercial Invoice), Packing list (Packing List), Certificate of origin (CO - Certificate of Origin) to enjoy import tax incentives; Plant quarantine certificate (Phytosanitary Certificate).

There are 3 types of standard Non-standard, Viet GAP, Global GAP.

If you an EU or US buyers, you need to know you supplier got Global GAP or Viet GAP. It's like the passport for dragon fruit to your countries.

E/ What questions you should ask your suppliers?

Paperwork: Viet GAP, Global GAP?

How to jackfruit store?

Price for what type?

Do they work with farmers?

Make video call to ask questions.

If they can answer clearly, its good sight. You should make sure CO, phytosanitary certificate, Payment terms, Deliver terms. I recommend doing L/C at the first time and use third company to check the products for you to build trust. 

Packing area code and plating area code.

Why should you import with LCD Fruit?

LCD fruit will update for you Everday to make sure you keep on track with your order.

We let you know the price that we are buying at farm from out farmers FOB and our profit so you could make the best decision. If you are a new customer, we will set up a meeting with you so you can ask us anything about our fruit.

If you need sigh a big contract, we will fly to you. 

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