Escrow Payment (Payment solution for UAE PARTNER)

Escrow Payment (Payment solution for UAE PARTNER) UAE customers realy worry about the fruit comming and spoiled. And realy carefull on payments terms this is why we ofer this solutions

Suppose there is a food export company from the US to Vietnam, and an import company in Vietnam wants to buy products from the export company. They will use Escrow services to ensure that payment is made in full and secure for both parties.

Step 1: The import company in Vietnam will create a purchase agreement with the export company in the US. In this agreement, they will set out payment terms, delivery location, product quality, and other terms and conditions.

Step 2: The import company will deposit the money into the Escrow account and specify that the money will be held until the goods are received and the products are checked.

Step 3: The export company will send the goods to the designated location and provide information about the goods, quantity, and value to the Escrow service provider.

Step 4: When the goods arrive and are checked by the import company and confirmed to be of good quality and in accordance with the purchase agreement, the Escrow service provider will automatically transfer the money from the Escrow account to the export company's account, even if the import company does not want to pay.

Step 5: When payment is made, the export company will receive a notification and send the goods to the import company, while also receiving payment from the Escrow service provider.


With this process, both parties can be assured and ensured that the transaction is carried out fairly and securely.

Bank having escrow service but we will have to work with that bank to make sure there is



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