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 Dear all LCD Fruit customers, It's Kha From LCD Fruit here, so happy that you still there to follow up my journey. Today, as a Vietnam Longan supplier I would love to share my research on Longan. We will going through some of informations and some stories that want to share.

Vietnam longan market

Longan In Vietnam having the production around 400,000 tons each years, mostly growth  in the North of Vietnam Hung Yen provice and Hai Duong Provice, Longan Is one of the safe fruit to consume because in the process of growing the Longan fruit is only have to use pesticites in the early stage and after that organic bioproducts gonna take care the maturity stage of the fruit. In the Sounth of Vietnam Longan could be found in Can Tho City, the Longan in Can Tho City and the various is Idor will start the seasson earlier than the North about one months could be harvest at early May.

Various of Vietnam Longan

There is 9 various of Longan in Vietnam

Idor Longan, Hung Yen Longan, Alum sugar longan, Hung Chi Longan, Nhãn xuồng, Nhãn tiêu bò, Nhãn cùi, Nhãn Miền Thiết, Nhãn Sơn La, Nhãn Thái.

Storage Technical for Longan Fruit

Temputure: 1-2 C

Packaging: Custom.

Optimun humidity: 90-95 RH

Ventilation: 25%

Products allow by FDA to use on MAP Bag, 1-MCP, Chitosan, Natamycine.

Shelf life after storage 1 month.

our cleaning process could export to many market in the world and bring the freshness

I hope we all success

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