How LCD FRUIT machinning and export Dragon fruit to customers(Vietnam Dragon fruit supplier, Dragon fruit wholesale)

Dear all of LCD Fruit Customers, thank you for you to trust us. Today LCD Fruit want to let you know how our dragon fruit is hand to you, LCD fruit Vietnam fruit export company takes great pride in delivering the highest quality fruits to our customers worldwide. With a deep commitment to excellence and attention to detail, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in the industry.

We are Vietnam Dragon fruit supplier with output of 70 containers a month.

From farm to workshop

All of our Dragon fruit is buying from farmer in Vietnam LCD Fruit will buying dragon fruit from the farms that having plating area code provide by The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam.

Dragon fruit harvest time

At farm LCD Fruit will determine the size of dragon fruit and the quality of dragon fruit to buying the whole farm with the price of type 1, 2, 3.
Our classify system.

The quantity will be the same amount at our customers require to make sure the dragon fruit will be all use to packaging and not making waste.

From workshop to containers

After harvested the dragon fruit will be packaging in the same day to make sure it 100% fresh to the customers
    Re classify process

First thing that LCD Fruit do is classify once again to make sure the products hand to our customers is the best, if some dragon fruits is under standard, we will not let you have it 100% dragon fruit of LCD fruit will be the good outlook to you.

After re classify we'll start cleaning fruit stalk with a hand craft tool spoon.
Cleaning tool

To make sure the dragon fruit is cleaning deeply. Without dusk and musk in stalk. Then we move to the washing machine. 

Putting dragon fruit on the machine

We put each to each on the machine to make sure there is no damage left on our fruit, we are not using bucket to just dop on the machine. To make sure the tail is beautiful to you.

Washing machine

When using ozone solution (also known as ozone water), wash the fruit, then dry it, pack it, and store it in a cool house, dragon fruit will keep fresh for 40-45 days.

If combined with cold storage, it can keep fresh for 60-75 days.  In addition, dragon fruit can be soaked in 200 ppm chlorine solution for about 3 minutes to prevent bacteria and prolong storage time.
Our Cooler

After packaging into carton box 5 layers, we will make sure 100% of dragon fruit is store in cooler, before putting on containers in the day after. A thermometer will be put on the containers to make sure the containers can contain the environment for the fruit.
This whole process will get update to you every moment real time so you can keep your eyes on your orders.


Will having plating area code, Packaging code, Viet GAP, Global GAP paper, C/O that our customers require.
Why should you import with LCD Fruit?

LCD fruit will update for you Everday to make sure you keep on track with your order.

We let you know the price that we are buying at farm from out farmers FOB and our profit so you could make the best decision. If you are a new customer, we will set up a meeting with you so you can ask us anything about our fruit.

If you need sigh a big contract, we will fly to you. 

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