VIETNAM FRUIT dictionary

Fruit Dictionary:

"LOẠI" = Type


 A 1 = Mít Nhất = over 9 kg with yellow flesh

A = Mít Nhì = over 9 kg with normal flesh

B = Kem nhỏ = 7 kg 

C = Kem 3 = 5 kg

D = Kem rớt = <4 kg


Dragon fruit

Type 1 = Loại 1
Type 2 = Loại 2
Type 3 = Loại 3
Bad one = hàng dạt


Grade A: The bananas are uniform in size, shape, and color, and are free from blemishes, bruises, and other defects.

Grade B: The bananas may have slight imperfections but are still of good quality and suitable for consumption.

Grade C: The bananas may have more significant imperfections and are generally used for cooking or processing.

Mango Grade

Mangoes are graded based on their quality and appearance. The grades range from A to C, with A being the highest quality and C being the lowest. Grade A mangoes have a uniform color, shape, and size, and are free from any defects or blemishes. Grade B mangoes may have some minor defects, such as scarring or discoloration, while Grade C mangoes have significant defects and are not suitable for export.

Coconut Grading

Coconuts are graded based on their appearance, size, and quality. Grade A coconuts have a clean and smooth shell, with no cracks or blemishes. They are also large and have a high meat-to-water ratio. Grade B coconuts have some blemishes or cracks on the shell and may be smaller in size. Grade C coconuts have visible cracks or blemishes on the shell and may have lower quality meat.

Grading Avocados

Grading avocados is done based on external and internal quality factors such as skin texture, shape, color, and the texture and flavor of the flesh. At LCD Fruit, we use the following grades: Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C. Grade A avocados have a smooth texture, uniform shape, and color, and the flesh is creamy and flavorful. Grade B avocados have some minor defects, while Grade C avocados have significant defects.

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